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Specialists In
Dental Anaesthesia

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At Toronto Sleep Dentistry, we offer dental treatment under all modalities of sedation, including general anaesthesia. We are specialists in dental anaesthesia, and we treat patients of all ages and we offer a variety of dental procedures to our patients while they are sedated and relaxed or completely ASLEEP! Learn more here

Patient Reviews

Toronto Sleep Dentistry provided exceptional care for my cousin with special needs, addressing his dental fear. Dr. Khojasteh and his team were amazing, displaying care and understanding. The work was impressive, and my cousin felt great the next day. Highly recommend!

Nicole VanKampen

Dr. Khojasteh of Toronto Sleep Dentistry provided exemplary emergency treatment for my daughter. His professionalism, courtesy, and calm demeanor made a stressful situation comfortable. I highly recommend his services for anyone in the area seeking a dentist.

Brian Nguyen

Dr. K, akin to Dr. J in slam dunks, excels in sleep dentistry. His genuine care eases patients with dental anxiety. Dr. K's rare dedication includes follow-ups, displaying a refreshing interest in overall health. Highly recommended for challenging dental work—a true slam dunk!

Rob Blackstien