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Pre-Operative Instructions – Pediatric Patients


Food & Drink

No food or drink is permitted on the day of the appointment. Do not have any solid food or drink after midnight the night before.Your child must have an empty stomach to avoid vomiting during anaesthesia.


If a new cough, cold, flu, fever, or respiratory illness, or illness requiring antibiotics has occurred in the 2 weeks prior to the appointment, please call our office and let us know.


A parent or legal guardian must bring the child to the appointment.

What to wear

Dress your child in loose comfortable clothing. Bring a spare change of clothing. For young children, use a diaper or bring a diaper the day of the appointment. No pants with attached socks please and no nail polish.

Getting Home

Taking public transportation is not allowed. Your child can go home in either a private vehicle or a taxi/Uber. Your child must be secured in a car seat and seatbelt during transport. They must go directly to a place where they can rest and recover.

Cancellation Policy

One week notice is appreciated to cancel an appointment, and 48 hours notice is required to cancel your appointment.